Monday, May 28, 2012

Conspiracy Theory

I feel like having a little fun, so I recorded a new podcast on my Spreaker account (The blue audio player above.).  I have heard conspiracy theories about everything.  There may be truth to the stories, or they could be from the farthest stretches of the mind.  I don't know, but I think the conversations are very interesting nonetheless.  I won't spoil the audio by writing it out.  I encourage comments from either side of the spectrum.  I don't try to dispel either side, I'm just trying to have some fun, and hear what others have to say.  You can leave comments below, and/or I have made a special link to include the hashtag I mentioned in the audio.  All you have to do is click, and type your response at the end (make sure you click in the box to deselect the text, or you will just overwrite it, and I'll never see it).

Here's the Twitter link:

If you have any theories of your own, put them in the comments below and/or use the Twitter link above.

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  1. it's amazing how many conspiracy theories there really are out there. makes you wonder which ones really have some truth to them.

    1. I believe that it's the doubt that is created by not being able to prove or disprove what some people call fact. I compare conspiracy theories to magic shows. Most spectators of a magic show follow the patter of the show and when asked how they thought a certain trick was done have an elaborate idea as to how it was achieved. Ask another magician how they thought the trick was done and they will give a simple answer involving simple gimmicked props or even just simple misdirection that the audience just overlooked. Both sides think they are right, but really only the magician knows for sure.


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