Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Critter and Buggy Android App

This is going to be a short article.  I took some free time today and played around with a few different designs for an app for this blog, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and an RSS feed from this site (a quick way to view several articles at once).  I settled on 2 designs that I liked.  A "Plain Jane" version the had social features like commenting, liking, and sharing.  The other didn't have the same social elements, but was a lot cleaner looking, and easier on the eyes.  I thought hard about it, and made my decision.  And to solidify my decision, I showed my wife the same 2 apps and made her pick one as well.  She picked the same one, so that's the one I'm going to share.  Below you will find a link to install this to your android device.

Things to know about this app:
It is free. (YEAH! Free is Great!)
This is a basic app, it' won't make you breakfast and coffee in the mornings.
This does not install from the "Google Play Store".
To be able to install it you must got to "Settings" -->"Applications" --> and then check "Unknown Sources"
I don't have the funds to add it to the market, so this is how I can keep it free.

There are 2 ways to install it.  Download it on a desktop computer, move it to your phone, and then install.  The other way is to visit this page directly from your phone, click the link, and when it downloads, install it.

Here's the download link:  Download App

I just wanted to pass this along to anyone that wanted it, wanted to play with it, try it, test it, or try it to give some feedback.  I have tried and tested this on my own phone and everything works properly.

Sorry iOS users, I don't have an Apple version.

Have a great day, and do something nice for someone else.  Pay It Forward.

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