Sunday, May 27, 2012

Who will you be tomorrow?

Yesterday I was the guy that works outside all day to try and make his home look presentable. Today, I'm the man that is enjoying some downtime with the kids. Who will I be tomorrow? Regardless of my chore or job for the day, I believe I am the same man. Every day I try to be a good role model for our future generation. Whether it's my children, other's children, or anyone else that notices me whether I know it or not. I'm not perfect and I don't claim to be. I watch scary/violent movies and I use foul language at times. In today's society, that is more acceptable than it was many years back. It doesn't make it right, but easier for people to swallow, so to speak. Many people would say I should be categorized under "A**Hole", and that would probably be true. But they would also have to say I am a fair and moral "A**hole". Only because of how stubborn I am about being as fair as possible and honestly trying to do the right thing. I try to instill these traits into the next generation, with the exception of the stubborn part. I default that to my genetic make up. If I can make my impact on just one person, but hopefully more, I think I have fulfilled my task that I charged upon myself.

I read an article several years back that talked about Adolf Hitler's DNA being used to clone him and creating another ruthless dictator. Without reciting the entire article, it pretty much said it would be nearly impossible because Hitler's entire life could not be forged from his DNA, but only by living the life Hitler actually lived. I thought to myself, "What would happen if Hitler was cloned, and I raised him?". Would one of history's most notorious people go from a German speaking Nazi rallying for world domination by eliminating all but "the perfect race", into a Southern speaking city boy with country upbringing that rallies for world peace by trying to infuse everyone INTO a (for lack of better wording) perfect race. By race, I am not talking about color, but the HUMAN race as a whole. I thought it would be funny and kind of cool at the same time. How would you have changed Hitler's clone if given the opportunity?

Using the example of Hitler from above, I would almost like to see it done just to prove whether good or bad is learned or genetic. My argument would have to be for learned. I honestly believe that the things we do today affects what happens tomorrow, and that we are truly in control of our own futures. Sometimes things happen by chance, which I leave to the variables of life. Nothing about life is 100% predictable. But I do thing it is "guidable". If someone wants to be rich, they have a few options. One would be, go to school, get your diplomas/certificates/degrees and pursue the money you desire to the top, or start your own business and run with it until you reach an apex. Another way would be to invent or create and sell your ideas or stories. Then there is my way. I chased the money, and even found it for a while. I made very good money doing a very easy task that only required a few weeks of training, and a keen eye for detail. After a few years I was laid off and that money went away. But I still feel I kept the riches, and here's why. Yes I made good money at that job, but that job is also where I met my wife, and started my family. A family is all I ever really wanted in life. I set forth the events in my own life and achieved the outcome I wanted. The only variable was applying for a job and meeting the woman I love which somehow fell in place within a year's time.

There was a whole chain of events that lead up to me having a family of my own, but I held the reigns for most of that journey. If you want the most out of life you have to jump up and grab it sometimes, or you will miss it altogether. Let nothing stand in your way when you find what you really want in life. Don't be anyone's puppet either. They have their own life to live, as do you. Make the absolute best out of what you have in life, and try to attain those things you want included in with it.

I know that life is complex, but it can generally be broken down into two paths. Good or bad. I even have my own ratio as to what I go by to determine whether someone/thing is good or bad. I use a 70%/30% rule. I even try to live my own life by this rule. I'll explain it briefly, and answer any questions below. It's pretty simple. 70 is more than half (using a 100% scale). 70 is also more than double 30 (30% completes the 100% scale). Now this is where personal judgment and morality takes over. When I try to judge whether I think a person or thing is good or bad I give them a score like you would a math test in high school. If that person or thing rates close to or above a 70, I deem that that person or thing is "good". I think that 30% is good enough to cover the negative stuff. For example, I'll rate myself. I would give myself between a 75 and 80. That gives about 20%-25% to cover the bad stuff I know I've done, and even the things that I've done wrong, when I felt it was for the right reason. I know a lot of people don't feel it's right to judge others. I don't walk around judging everyone. I use my judging system the same way a bank uses your credit score. If you have bad credit, they won't lend you money. If you have a bad rating with me, I don't need you around in my life. Same concept with a different application. Your credit score changes depending on how you manage your finances. A "credit score" with me changes depending on how you manage you choices in life. If you steal and lie, don't try to be in my life.

I hope that something I have written here will provoke some thought or inspire some positive influence in your life. I know that I talk about negative things, or things that may SOUND negative, but I always try to have a positive outlook or find a positive outcome when I can. I don't do it to the point of living in a fantasy, but sometimes when you're down, it makes life a little easier to cope with. There's no need to be down in life, cause it just brings you down. When people talk for a long time others say that person is long winded, so when someone types a lot, are they long-fingered? I think I have written quite a bit on this, and it's time to move on.

As always, do the right thing, and do something good for someone else. Pay It Forward.

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